Day two in the Benmore house

An exciting end to our day by doing a night walk. It was really scary but adventurous. Once we were in the dark for a while, our eyes started to adjust but then a car would come along and we would lose our night vision. Occasionally we got a little stressed when we had to keep up with the group in front. You could hardly see a thing! There were a lot of tree stumps which made it easy to fall over and when you were going down hill you had to cling on to the rope for dear life! We had to ask others in our group to guide the way. It meant there was a lot of teamwork and concentrating going on.

Part of our walk was crawling through dark, slimy tunnels. It was very muddy! Before going in we had a little boost of adrenaline that gave us the courage to do it. By the end we felt relieved and proud of what we had a achieved.

A great night’s sleep was had by all.

In the morning we had chores to remember and our group set up the breakfast tables. Our inspection was stressful as we struggled to find hoovers and brushes in the short time we had.

We are just back from kayaking and it was easier than it looked. We always had to think about the wind, which was really strong today. You couldn’t go too fast and you needed a lot of balance otherwise you would capsize, a few of us did! The water felt like -50 degrees and our legs were so numb. It was hard to swim because the life jacket pulled you up. We all agreed that we would gladly do this again.

It was great to come back to warm lentil soup and comfy slippers.

We have mountain biking this afternoon and cannot wait for our steak pie dinner later.


Group 7 (Liam, Conor, Liliana, Lucas, Madeleine, Nathan, Amy G, Aimee and Abbie)

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  1. Sounds like so much fun😄 I wish I was there☀️ Hope the rest of your stay is magical!😊

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