Cluster Pupil Council Session


Cluster Pupil Council Session

A group of P6/7 pupil Councillors attended an afternoon session with all of the Cluster Primaries who feed into Holy Rood High School, on Thursday 4th February.

Everyone was very excited to be a part of this new venture.

The pupils from our school were Thea Thompson, Carla Lisi, Aidan Jones, Katie Alexander, Hugh Harris, Carrie Davies and Farrell Bain.

Prior to going to the event the children had to brainstorm ideas for their i-movie.  Elements included talking about the members of the Council, the process, elections and the speeches, the autobiographies, meetings and what happens and what they were involved in. Basically how they have made a difference to the school .

The film took about 2 weeks to make and the children were delighted with the result . It certainly was very lively and all of their own work.

On arrival at Holy Rood ,after a short taxi ride,  everyone was treated to refreshments . Then each of the schools showed their movie . Later, there were discussion groups, which had representation from each of the schools. The main focus was to share ideas and ask questions.  We had 5 main points to take forward as a whole group- Having defined roles ( as a Chairperson , minute taker) Liaising with the parent Council, using suggestion boxes and giving feedback.

The pupils were then given a task to take back to share with their own councils in relation to

“ Feedback in learning”

This was shared at our meeting during the week.  The Pupils on the Council are going to share this task with our classes and  when we met next time in May , we will be able to share all of our ideas. =

Our Pupil Councillors had a fantastic experience and the afternoon was given a big “ Thumbs up” !

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