February 2016 ECO group meeting

ECO Rep meeting Thursday 11th February
Welcome – Apologies – Rian & Brodie P6
What has happened since our last meeting?
Composting has been very successful. ECO reps should feel free to come to collect new bags each Thursday.
P3A have received a recycling box for their milk cartons.
Annie and Lola have produced windchimes for the garden. Harry and Sam have produced a plan for a bug hotel as have Lola and Erin.
Freya, Annie, Lola and Sam will produce signs for recycling bins.

Litter issues
Litter rota to run lunchtime Mon-Thurs and breaktime Friday. P7 Monday 1pm, P6 Tuesday 1pm, P5 Wednesday 1pm, P4 Thursday 1pm and P3 10.45am.
P1’s have been taking out litter pickers and playing with them.
ECO Action plan
Action plan focuses on litter, waste minimisation, sustaining our World and School grounds.
Recycling issues?
Signs still to be made by ECO reps for bins to help remind pupils. Milk cartons are being emptied into ragbag container. Children will not be allowed to take food and drink out of the dinner hall.
School dinners – Annie, Abi and Martha all feel people are wasting lunches to get out of the dinner hall quickly to be with friends.
Bins – Charlie feels that children are knocking over bins and making a mess during playtimes.
Planting – Eliza and Kirsty felt the plant competition was great last year. They didn’t, however, get a chance to plant bulbs due to the space available and the layout chosen by the class teachers. Could everyone get a chance to plant something this year? Lauren mentioned that P1 and 2 were stamping in the planters and destroying some of the plants last year.
Wasting Water – Some children are using the tap in the playground outside the servery window and wasting water. Others are filling crisp packets with water and throwing them around outside.
Tidy playground competition – Eco reps thought it would be a good idea to have a tidy playground competition to encourage classes to take greater care with litter outside.

Next meeting March 2016

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