ECO rep meeting minutes March 2016

ECO Rep meeting Thursday 3rd March
Welcome – Apologies – Lauren
What has happened since our last meeting?
Composting continues to be successful. ECO reps need to remember that they are responsible for emptying compost bins and replacing green bags weekly.
Litter rota has been introduced. Classes are happy to take turns on a voluntary basis from 1pm each day.
Litter issues
Litter chart to be produced to go alongside pickers. Children will identify if litter was red, amber or green before they started picking up litter.
Mr Burgess will speak to P1 teachers to ask that P1 pupils do not take out litter pickers.
We will have a spot check litter survey after Easter to evaluate the type of litter and how much we are dropping outside.
School dinners
Children are putting half finished milk cartons into the ragbag bin. Mr Burgess said that children should not be leaving the hall with any food or drink from school dinners.
A recycling bin for milk cartons should be introduced in the dinner hall and the ECO team feel the waste food from dinners needs to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
Sensory Garden ideas
Natasha has produced windchimes for our sensory gardens. Other children are planning a bug hotel and making posters for recycling.
Paper recycling
Paper can often be found outside if the paper recycling bin is overfilled. Recyclers must bring paper back into school if the bin is full and inform their teacher and Mr Mackie.
After our discussion last month Eliza felt that it would be nice if we planted flowers as a border in our planters and vegetables in the middle. Natasha felt it would be good if we harvested our vegetables and made a meal in class with them. Kirsty felt we could plant fruits in our planters such as strawberries.
Eliza thought we should replant lavender outside since most of it has now died off.
Mr Burgess mentioned that solitary bees can be encouraged to live in bug hotels and these are not aggressive and we could investigate what kind of habitat and plants they would like.
Tidy playground competition – We felt we could have a competition for tidiest playground with A’s responsible for one side and B’s the other.
Next meeting scheduled for Thursday 14th April

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