St John’s Staffing 2016/17

Staffing and Organisation 2016/17
I write to inform you of the arrangements for classes and staffing, from August 2016.

Class Room Number Teacher (s)
Nursery Mrs Nicky Roxburgh / Mrs Angela Mackay
P1a 6 Mrs Anne Robinson
P1b 5 Mrs Laura Spear
P2a 3 Mrs Lyn Williamson
P2b 4 Mrs Mary Rennie
P3a 1 Mrs Gill Buckley
P3b 2 Miss Rebecca Jack ( new teacher)
P4a 11 Mrs Maureen Moscrop
P4b 12 Mrs Janet Morrison
P5a 10 Mrs Rosy Fraser
P5b 9 Mrs Margaret Reilly
P6a 7 Mr Mark Burgess
P6b 8 Mrs Veronica Foley / Mrs Erin Gargaro
P7a Huts 1 Miss Claire Miller
P7b Huts 2 Miss Stephanie Sinclair
Support for Learning Teacher Mrs Gill Mitchell (Monday- Wednesday)

All of the pupils will spend time with their new teachers in the course of this week, on Wednesday, in a “Meet the New Teacher Session”. This is part of our handover for our transition programme.

Staffing Changes
We welcome Mrs Laura Spear as a permanent member of our teaching team. We wish Mrs Anna Ross all the very best as she takes up a new post in Longstone Nursery from August. Both of our probationer teachers have been an excellent addition to St John’s this year.

Mrs Nadia Schofield- Support for Learning Teacher

Mrs Schofield has had a long association with St John’s as a parent of two boys, James and Martin, and also as an outstanding Support for Learning Teacher for the past 11 years. She came to St John’s from St Ninian’s RC Primary in 2005
She is a truly committed professional with a wealth of knowledge and she delivers inspirational teaching to the children.
Mrs Schofield has been committed to her own professional development over the years and has delivered many new initiatives within our setting, including support for Italian teaching as part of the Holy Rood Cluster
During her time here she was also seconded as a Dyslexia Support teacher to the Authority, part –time.
She works very closely with the Pupil Support Assistants and helps them gain insight and experience in their delivery of the individual programmes of work.
On a personal level, she is a wonderful member of our staff team, with many many qualities. She is patient, hard-working, highly organised, always with an ear to help others and with a great sense of humour.
Now, it’s an opportunity to pursue all of her interests, including travel, golf, walking, and spending time with her husband Tom and her family, her interior design and her garden.
We will miss Nadia greatly on our team, I am sure that you will join with me in wishing her all the very best.
Her last day will be Thursday 30th June
Mrs Gillian Mitchell will take up 3 days of Mrs Schofield’s post in August.

Mrs Carolyn Duthie- Clerical Assistant

Mrs Duthie will be leaving us after 21 years in St John’s. As you will know Mrs Duthie has been a key member of our Office Team during this time. If children and parents alike were asked to describe her I am sure it would be “ highly efficient” and “organised” which are qualities and skills she needs to successfully complete the challenging tasks with the all the money matters in our school. Always carried out with a smile.

Mrs Duthie has decided that it is time for a new challenge and she hopes to pursue her more creative side. She loves her garden and spending time with her family. I am sure that in the not too distant future we will hear of her new ventures.
I would like to thank her for the years of dedication to the families of St John’s and wish her well for the future. We will miss her very much in St John’s.
Mrs Terry Thomas will take up her new post as Clerical Assistant in August.

With many thanks for your co-operation and support in this matter.
Yours sincerely

Barbara A. Service

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