P6 Investigate Bullying and Friendship

Freya interviewed her dad about bullying for her homework task this week.

“This week with Davie and Diane we were learning about bullying and friendship. They come to us every Tuesday, for the next 6 weeks. Today we had to hand in our homework about friendship and bullying. Some of the homeworks were amazing! After that we watched a video of friendship soup that was very helpful. Then we got a sheet of a pot of soup and we had to fill it up with all different colourful, friendship ingredients. They looked really  colourful and beautiful, they looked like very yummy soup.

Finally we went outside and we got called round the bench and Davie talked to us about whats of bullying there is. After that we all sat round a big bubble and they asked us bullying related questions.We got chalk and wrote all the answers to the questions down in the bubble. Finally it was Home time!

The thing I enjoyed the most was probably making my friendship soup!”

by Niamh Hannan Hll P6A

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