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The Children’s Parliament are working with 8 Edinburgh schools over this session to investigate the rights of children. During the next few months 6 children from P6 will be asked to work as a team to study how we can learn more about bullying across the city. As part of the work Graeme and Ross visited P6A to do a whole class workshop introducing the idea of being ‘Safe, Healthy and Happy’. Above is a link to the Childrens Parliament blog.

Beth and Mia  reflected on their experiences of the workshop.

‘On 15th of September Graeme and Ross from the Children’s parliament came to our class and talked to us about the Children’s Parliament and what they do. They also talked about children’s rights aswell as do activities with us. One of the activities were when Graeme read out statements and we had to choose whether we agreed, disagreed or if we didn’t know. Another activity was when we got a number and a piece of paper with either before birth, baby, toddler, a 5 year old, a 9 year old or a teenager. We had to write down what we thought they needed to stay happy, healthy and safe. Next, we got a sheet with speech bubbles with different places and we had to write down what made us feel safe, happy and healthy and we had to draw ourselves. After that, we got a big shield and put things that we feel that is important to us.’

By Beth and Mia p6a

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