Day One Benmore Adventure

When we left I was really sad because I left my parents and family. I was nervous but happy as well when we left. Abi/Nabil

We travelled about 3 hours in total. We stopped off at Luss for lunch and toilets and we made our way through beautiful roads and mountains before we arrived at Benmore. Mathias

When we first arrived at Benmore I felt nervous but really excited and I was looking forward to all the activities. Katie

I was excited to find out who I was in the dorm with. I was happy when I saw my dorm and I was with people I wanted to be with. Julia

When I got into my dorm I wanted to get in fast so I could get on with my activities and I was very talkative because I wanted to find out new things. Brodie

Tom is our instructor in group 6. He forgets everyone’s names! He finds it hard to pronounce Nabil’s name. It was a surprise when I saw my birthday cake. Everyone sang Happy Birthday. It was a bit embarrassing! Harry

We went on a walk through the Botanical gardens and I enjoyed jumping in the puddles and getting muddy. I found out interesting information about Redwood trees. Sydney

It was a little scary when we went through the tunnels, and it was fun when the girls beat the boys in a race! Alisha

Dinner was very delicious. We had fish and chips and I am excited for the nightline! Irfan

by Group 6

Harry, Nabil, Irfan, Alisha, Julia, Mathias, Brodie, Katie, Sydney, Abi



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  1. Sounds like fantastic fun! Enjoy tomorrow, cant wait to hear all about it!
    Catherine ( Erinn”s Mum)

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