Benmore adventure – Nightline and Biking

On Tuesday night we went on a nightline walk. There was no light at all. Here is what group 5 thought of their adventures…

Nightline was dark and cold and it was hard to traverse the terrain – Austin

I liked how you couldn’t see anything and you had to work as a team- Farrell

I didn’t like the nightline because it was smelly, dark, I tripped over things and people went silent. It was a little scary – Jo

It was scary because you couldn’t see anyone or anything and you felt you were going to fall – Lois

This morning (Wednesday) Group 5 went biking. Here are some of their reflections…

Biking was fun but bumpy, you lost your balance and my favourite part was going on the track and getting muddy – Billy

The track had huge puddles and one deep one, when you went through it you got soaked – Lois

I went on a tandem bike with Annie the instructor. I enjoyed it but didn’t know how to ride a bike – Austin

I learned new skills like bunny hops – Jo

My favourite part was when I fell into the mud. I wanted to fall over – Farrell

The mud didn’t agree with my bike and I fell into the mud. I liked going through the puddles and getting wet – Carla

I liked it when you went round the track with deep puddles and we got wet – Kenzie

I really enjoyed going through deep puddles and getting wet – Warisha


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