Day two in the Big Benmore House

Group 4 Reflections

Today we had to believe in ourselves and be confident. We abseiled down a 53 feet cliff during our climbing activity today. We were all terrified but during our activity we all managed calm ourselves down by encouraging each other and by being positive (we left negativity at the door!) We learned how to tie a variety of knots and unfasten our safety clips, which was really tricky. All of us were challenged today but we came out the other end more confident and very proud of ourselves.

After lunch our group went gorge walking. Our group traveled by minibus to our starting point… the graveyard. The water was freezing cold but we got used to as we warmed up our muscles pushing and pulling each other up the gorge. We defeated trolls, piranhas and leeches in the water. What a team! Our balance was very important and we had to make quick decisions climbing up slippery rocks. Some of us got incredibly wet and half the North Sea was in our boots. We all came out at the top of the gorge as a team with a great sense of achievement.

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