Day 3 – Gorgeous Gorge & Albert Abseil

Hello!  Group 7 here reflecting on an amazing week of cake, challenges and cheer!!

Our final two activities today were with a full& shining sun.  In the morning our whole group, (apart from Mrs K) LOVED the gorge walk, ask about the keyhole and the rock of Africa!!  This afternoon, we tried rock climbing and abseiling.  Every single person in the group succeeded at both.  This was a brilliant achievement.Our instructor was really, really proud of our efforts.

Here are our reflections on the climb/abseil :

Even though some of the challenges were hard, everyone supported you.  Mrs Kelly says I was amazing because I tried absolutely everything. – Salena

I really enjoyed the abseiling and it helped me get over my fear of heights.  I was also really good at helping with making sure everyone was safely clipped onto the ropes. – Rowan

I found the abseiling very scary and tricky but in the end I did it but I preferred the climbing part! – Lucia

I was very scared at the start of the abseiling but after a bit of support I felt much better. – Tamara

Abseiling was a great experience because you don’t get many chances like this! – Lucas

Abseiling was great fun and it was exciting, my favourite part was climbing up the cliff face. – Peter

Abseiling was totally awesome, really scary but really, really good. – Lola

I thought abseiling was very challenging but so fun – Jaxon

I thought that the climb and abseil was really good because it is something I don’t normally get to do. – Jack




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