Day 3 – Kool Kayaking

A glorious Autumnal day greeted Group 3 this morning for kayaking on the loch!

“I really enjoyed the kayaking because it was great fun and even though the wind was pushing you further away from your team the teachers were always there to help and give instructions. I also got the chance to sunbathe whilst Luke did all the hard work!!” – Charlie

“I really enjoyed the kayaking because it was really exciting getting the chance to row a boat even though it was difficult when Charlie was sunbathing!! I still had a lot of fun though!” – Luke

“I thought kayaking would be easy but it was actually quite challenging because it was hard to stay in a straight line! I fell in the water though which was very cold!” – Lauren

“I thought the kayaking was really fun and I felt proud of myself when I did all of the challenges. I also enjoyed going swimming at the end, even though it was really cold!” – Ciara

“I really enjoyed kayaking. It was a great opportunity and not many people get the chance to do it. I found the canoe challenging!” – Rian

“I thought kayaking was a good experience because you don’t usually get the chance to do it and I felt like I was going to fall in but I didn’t!” – Tomas

“I liked kayaking because we got soaking wet but we got hot chocolate to warm us up!” – Doodie

“I thought the kayaking was extremely fun because we had the freedom to go around the loch. We also got hot chocolate!” – Sean McI

“I really enjoyed kayaking because it was fun and exciting to do something new!” – Kalvin

“I found kayaking really challenging but fun! My arms got tired really quickly and I had to try and keep my back straight all the time so I could go at a good pace. Once I got the hang of it I was fast and it was good fun!” – Erinn

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