Active P6B visit Meadowbank

P6B Trip to Meadowbank

Today we went to Meadowbank Sports Centre for a taster session on ‘Sportshall Athletics’.  We travelled there by bus and arrived at 9:30.  When we got there we met children from 5 other schools.  We started with a fun warm up which was running a short obstacle course. Then we split into boys and girls teams.  The boys completed 5 stations:

1) Chest punch

2) Speed bounce

3) Standing triple jump

4) Vertical jump

5) Standing long jump

The girls ran in relay type races in teams of 4 against the other schools. After a short break we swapped around.  To finish we had a final race  – 8 fast runners competed and St Johns came third.  We had a great morning and enjoyed a brisk walk back to school.

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