P6A visit Moray House

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This morning P6A spent time at the Moray House of Education working with teachers in training to develop PE skills. On a cold and frosty morning we were warmly met by Wilma and taken to a huge sports hall where we were greeted by a large number of Primary and Secondary teachers who would work with us.

After a quick warm up we split into smaller groups of 8 and focused on three different aspects of Physical Education. One group worked on Rhythm and Timing using racquets, another used tennis balls, hoops and bean bags to creatviely design invasion games and a third group focused on creative movement with strong emphasis on working together.

We worked our way round each of the stations in turn with a short break for a snack and to observe a two minute silence on this Remembrance day.

We returned to school just in time to hear the bell for the end of the day and thoroughly enjoyed our active morning out!

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