St John’s ECO Group meeting

20161116_101408ECO Rep meeting Wednesday 16th November

Welcome – Apologies – Sean P4

Green Flag

We began by recapping all the work we did to win our Green Flag. Mr Burgess explained that this was now the start of a new journey for St John’s.

World Problems

We all wrote down what we felt was the biggest problem facing our planet. Lots of us chose pollution, either on land or sea.

We felt that pollution in the sea was killing wildlife and pollution on land was creating climate change.

We also mentioned wars, we felt that people around the world are being hurt by these wars.

Some of us felt litter was a big issue for our planet too.

Global Goals

Mr Burgess explained that lots of countries are concerned about the same things as us and they all agreed to try to make the planet better for everyone. 195 countries signed up to an agreement to stop poverty and hunger, make sure everyone had clean water and good education by 2030. We are to be part of this work too. Mr Burgess briefly told us about the 17 goals and explained what some of them meant. Over the next few months we will work in class to learn about one of these goals and share that learning with each other during our ECO celebration day in June.

Goals 7 & 11

November is Energy month and we are asked to take part in the ‘Big Switch off’. Mr Burgess asked us to make sure that we turned lights and smartboards off in class when we weren’t using them and to turn off the TV at home if we weren’t watching it.

ECO Flag Photo

Finally we all went and had our picture taken with the ECO flag before it replaces the old one next week.

Next meeting scheduled for Monday 8th December


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