Benmore 2017: Day 2 – Gorge Walking

Day two of the Benmore trip has come around, and the pupils are getting stuck in to a variety of activities. Group 4 had the opportunity to do some gorge walking this morning, an experience enjoyed by all! Here are some of their personal highlights:

Joe – “I really liked going over waterfalls and mud!”

Finlay – “I enjoyed climbing over the slippery walks.”

Himmat – “I enjoyed sliding down a gorge, climbing over trees and rocks, and going through tunnels.”

Callie – “I enjoyed getting wet climbing over a waterfall.”

Tara – “I enjoyed working as a team to help us overcome the waterfalls and mud.”

Motiya – “I enjoyed going over waterfalls and working as a team.”

Areeb – “I enjoyed climbing over the trees.”

Dylan – “I really enjoyed getting muddy!”

Thomas – “I enjoyed that I didn’t have to think twice about jumping into the water.”

Alessandro – “My favourite part was checking which rocks were safe to stand on and which might make me slip.”

Further updates to come tonight, so stay tuned!

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