ECO meeting 2nd November 2017

ECO meeting Thursday 2nd November

REGISTER Absences/apologies – Julia, Joe, Himmat, Kerry & Misha (at camp), Emilia, Anna , Skye (at PE)

Welcome – Mr Burgess welcomed the reps and recapped our challenge from last month. We were asked to create a new ECO code for the school. 9 Eco codes were presented to the group and the reps who were present voted for their favourite. Hannah’s acrostic poem was chosen by most ECO reps and will be displayed in all the classrooms in the school. The other 8 ECO codes will be proudly displayed on the ECO board.

ECO rep Photos – Reps had their photo taken and these will be displayed on the ECO board.

Sophie joined the ECO group in place of Ava who left the school last week.

Issues in school – Our next challenge is to ensure every class takes part in the Big Switch Off, which runs from 20th November – 3rd December. Pupil reps were asked to speak to their class and come up with a pledge to help save energy. Reps should write the pledge down and send it to Mr Burgess so he can display all the pledges on the large poster at the front reception.

Next meeting aims – Big Switch Off – 20th November – Class reps to come up with a pledge for their class.

Next meeting Early December 2017

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