Benmore 2017: Day 3 – Kayaking

On our final full day at Benmore (yesterday), some of our learners had the chance to do some kayaking on the beautiful Loch Eck. Here were some of their highlights:

James L – “I enjoyed playing the ball game with the kayaks at the end!”

Toby – “I enjoyed kayaking because it was a new experience!”

James G – “I enjoyed trying to balance whilst standing in my kayak and falling in the water!”

Grant – “I enjoyed learning to control the kayak.”

Brandon – “I enjoyed playing the ball game at the end.”

India – “I enjoyed trying to stand up in the kayak and falling in.”

Julia – “I enjoyed the variety of activities we did out in the water with our kayaks.”

Chiara – “I enjoyed learning how to paddle, turn and reverse with my kayak.”

Lewis – “I enjoyed learning how to turn on the spot.”

Danny – “I enjoyed winning the ball game at the end of the session.”

After a leaving disco in the evening, the pupils are up bright and early ready to head home this morning!

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