New Session Information

A very warm welcome to all at the start of our new session and the opening of our home on Duddingston Road.

For Monday pupils should enter the school by the entrance on Hamilton Drive or Duddingston Road,close to the new Nursery. Staff should be on hand to direct pupils to their lines in the playground,where they will line up at the back of the school as there is no entrance at the front of the school.

New P1 pupils will begin at 9.15am.

Please note that Police have requested that Parents/Carers do not use Duddingston Road for parking,dropping off & pickup and to encourage walking.

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  1. Hope your first day in the new school goes well. Good luck with the new adventure and the new chapter in St John’s story. You must all be so excited! I will pop in when you’re settled to have a good look around.

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