First impressions of Benmore

Primary 7 have arrived safely! Here are our first impressions…

‘benmore is massive so many rooms! They have massive Redwood trees outside!’ Hannah T

”’ got really excited when I saw Benmore because it looked like a haunted Mansion! I’m impressed with how big it is’ Imman

‘Benmore is a place where you can never get bored because you can go on adventures and explore with your friends” Annie

“I’ve been wanting to come to Benmore since P4. Now it’s here is a great opportunity and I’m excited to go abseiling tomorrow” Neve

“When you have the opportunity to do things like this which doesn’t happen very often it feels great to achieve something special” Jack

“It gives you the opportunity to have fun whilst learning” Kirsten

“It’s hard not to be excited about benmore because you know you are going to do something exciting the next day” Ash

“It’s amazing that the learning staff spend their time helping us to achieve the goals we wouldn’t think we could achieve ,” Ben

“Free time is fun!” Ryan


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  1. A fantastic opportunity for the kids! From the photos shared on twitter and the blogs they are clearly loving their time at Benmore, building friendships and learning new skills. From a parents point of view we get to share in their excitement: eagerly awaiting photos and posts. Delighted they are having so much fun!

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