Group five feeling alive

“I liked kayaking. It was fun. It was wet. ,” Brayden

“I enjoyed the gorge walk because it was fun getting wet. I felt very wet but proud to reach the top.” Bilal

“I liked the food this week. It was very tasty and it was really foodilicious. The rope course was very fun.” Erin

“I enjoyed the night walk because you had to follow the rope. It wasn’t dark so we had to close our eyes it pull down or hard over our heads. It was easy.” Sean

“I liked kayaking because I haven’t done it before and I found it quite challenging. I was really proud of myself after i finished.” Anna

“I liked kayaking because you can get wet. It was also the first time I have done it.” Aryan

“I liked kayaking because I didn’t do it before and it was fun. It was hard but I was successful. I would like to try it again. It was good playing games in the water”.Areej

“I enjoyed kayaking because we had to work as a team and in the end we got to go in the water and by the end there wasn’t a string of our clothes that wanwas wet. I also enjoyed the food”. Zuzanna

“I liked the gorge walk because you had to work in a team and you had to tell each other where to step. I also found it challenging because everything was wet and I slipped and bumped my knee. I felt Joy at the end because it was far too long!” Charlie

“I liked the rope course because it was very challenging to go up without having onto the green rope. I felt very proud of myself afterwards! I loved it!” Ellie

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