P7A Book Week

On Monday, we started our remaking of famous book covers and re incarnated them. In the afternoon we started creating our own characters using show don’t tell which is a method where you use words to describe them which shows there feelings without telling you them.

On Tuesday we carried on our characters and adding more detail to it, we carried on our book covers and tried to finish off that.

On Wednesday we finished off our characters and rewrote them using the feedback what are partner told us and did our book cover, we did a book quiz about different things.

On Thursday we had authors live and made poems on if the world were, for instance if the world were paper and we did a mind map to help us do the poem.

On Friday, we dressed up as our favourite characters from our books and we had assembly where we have to show of our costumes and tell them about who we are and what book we came from.


By Mahnoor and Maisie DJ

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