Dynamic Earth Trip

On Friday morning we were going to Dynamic Earth for a workshop on volcanoes .When we got there we were greeted by Frankie, she took us to the place there the workshop was going to happen  . When we all took our places the workshop began, first she showed us an image of the earths layers. The are the crust, where we live on, the mantle, the outer core and last is the inner core. After that we learned about the inner core. The inner core is made out of iron and nickle , we got to touch bits of an asteroid which are made out of the same material, the inner core is a solid .Secondly we explored the outer core which is made out of the same material as the inner core but it is a solid and it is much hotter. After that we learned about the mantle, which is made out of magma and loads of broken up bits of rock. Then each table got a rock and a clue, we had to figure out which one was ours. My table got the lava bomb. Lastly we watched a video of different volcanoes erupting. After that we were heading back to the school.

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