Thursday – Archaeology Workshop

In primary 7 we did an archaeology workshop. 

One of the lessons were you got an object [not at a real ancient object] and we got a sheet of paper with questions about the object, for example I got a golden ring and the paper had questions like… 

What is the object made of? 

Who would use the object? 

What is the object? 

Then you would draw a picture of the object. 

We also got shown tools Archaeologists would use to dig down and find there objects. 

At the second table we got shown bones, real ones, from 4000 years ago. There were sheep heads and other animals bones and relics. 

At the third table we got shown different things Archaeologists would find and different times. 

There were different ages like the bronze age and the iron age. 

Those were things ages and were they could be found but Archaeologists also find things a bit less deep and that is the surface. 

We really enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot. 

And that was our Archaeology Workshop…  


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