P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 18.02.19

On Monday we did some American football  You should check out the pictures below – there are a lot of photos of our amazing catches. Our coach was Tom from Active Schools, he came to the school to teach us some moves.

On Tuesday we learned about how our eyes see light. An ancient Greek said we had a light in our heads but scientists said that that would make our heads shine like car headlights, so they discovered that light actually reflects off objects and goes into our eyes.

On Wednesday we had PE in the morning and then we did some imaginative writing about finding something. We made criteria for it and set out a plan and an opening paragraph.

On Thursday we had a calm morning writing our stories and think we did a great job. In the afternoon we had PE. We played a card game where we did different exercises depending on what card we picked, and if we got a joker it was 30 seconds of plank!

By Michael B and Catriona

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