Primary 7 learning blog week beginning 6th May

On Wednesday we started our transition writing for high school, in that piece of writing we had to include a memory of school. I wrote about Benmore because I loved it and it was a brilliant experience. After our writing we had our pictures taken for the newspapers, ours turned out pretty good I think. After that we done our SNSA testing it was an online test for reading, it was a 37 question test.

On to Thursday the people that did not finished their test finished it then that took us to break, later we studied Vaisakhi work it’s an Sikh festival that marks the Sikh new year and the creation of the panj piare and the Khalsa created by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Later we learned about body systems and had to make a poster, powerpoint or book creator on the body system we were given. I worked with Anna and Erin and we researched the respiratory system which is also known as the breathing system.

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