Arthur’s Suspense filled Shipwrecked Story

Arthur wrote this descriptive creative piece in class and used technology to edit his work. He included examples of openers, connectives and punctuation. Great job Arthur!

Ship Wreck 

The wind tossed the tiny boat, the single figure huddled in the prow watching the mysterious island grow larger on the horizon. It was extremely stormy and the waves where knives.Lightning struck just beside him.he took a quick glance over the side of the boat and saw the small, quaint village behind him in the fog. He turned around. Then suddenly the island was right in front of him! He ran as fast as a car over to the control area and tried to switch off the engine but he couldn’t… 

All of a sudden, he was jolted forward as the boat crashed forcefully. He couldn’t believe he was alive. He was trying to figure a way out of his boat. Whilst he was walking he saw lots of broken pieces of wood. Finally, he got out. The storm had passed now and it was nice and sunny. He lay down and felt the hot sand that was as soft as a pillow. He slept for a couple of hours. Later on in the day he took a tour of the island enjoying the beautiful surroundings. A faint, fruity smell hit his nostrils. Suddenly he saw and herd parrots above and noticed lots of animals running swiftly over the sand. There was lots of beautiful palm trees. When he he was walking back to the boat he he found a lovely apple tree and he picked one off it and took a bite and it was very sour and juicy. Finally, he got into the and looked for food, water and a cosy spot to lie down. He finds a spot to lie in and gets food and water. 

Suddenly, he heard a creak, then the boat starts slipping the sand dunes. He felt a slight shiver down his spine. Water starts pouring into the boat. The boat was sinking! A couple of minutes later he thought he was going to pass out. He is petrified. A couple of seconds later he started to swim to the safety area. It wasn’t there though so he started swimming again. He had an idea to go to the cabin on the on the downstairs of the boat. 

Suddenly, he saw a yellow object that wasn’t to big. His foot got stuck on a bran new, shiny wire and he felt petrified. He discovered a piece of wood that was floating. He snatched it and hit the wire off his toe. He swam down to look at that object that was buried under the sand. After that he took the sand off the yellow object. It was his safety equipment. He puts on the safety equipment and lights the flair. He feels so good now. 

The flair reached the top of the water and he swam up to the surface. He was screaming so loud that it hurts his throat. He saw a boat coming towards him, he was the happiest man alive. Suddenly, the boat broke down… 

By Arthur  

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