Parent Council Update

Hi everyone,

Well what can I say but THANK YOU! A mammoth 250kg of food was kindly donated by you all and has been collected by the local foodbank. They were extremely grateful for this. We also received a lovely letter from them which is attached.

There was also a massive amount of donations for kids loves clothes. Which is fantastic I know they will be super grateful for all of this once we arrange to get this to them.

What’s next? We were wondering if you were able and only if you are able (no pressure at all) to donate another small item for the food bank before we finish up. There will be donation boxes in the playground this Friday and on Thursday 19th if December (to give us time to get to the foodbank before school closes). 

Items they need are:

Toiletries- shaving foam, soap, shower gel and sanitary products 

Selection boxes or Chocolate for children


Maybe a wee treat like some mince pies or Christmas pudding 

(A lot of what people need are what we consider to be everyday essentials)

Also we were going to do a sort through of all of our clothes donations for kids love clothes this Thursday from 10-12. Although our school is closed we can sort in the gp room. 

A great big thank you to all of our volunteers, those who made raffle donations and came along to the school fair. We raised just over £1000 which is fantastic! This will help to support a number of ongoing projects at school including the gardening, Lego and drama lunchtime clubs.

Thank you! 

Sharon and Jo

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