Tea with SLT 6th February

This afternoon we were delighted to meet with some of our pupils for Tea with SLT. The children shared their excellent work with us and it great to reflect on the learning which is taking place throughout the school.

Lucas in P1 has been practising his blending and reading so well and Mhairi in P2A has produced an excellent piece of artwork all about the seasons. Eftelya and Fajar have made excellent effort with their writing.

Sophie in Primary 3 has been so kind, patient and sensible in class, Rory has used logical thinking in problem solving and was able to clearly describe his strategies and Jack wrote a fantastic story using sentences and a variety of openers.

John in Primary 4B has stayed focused and worked very hard in maths, Rebecca has worked very hard to learn subtraction in class.

Adrian in Primary 5 arrived for Tea with SLT because he always works hard in class and shows bravery and initiative. Charlotte always shows kindness and care towards her classmates. Ahmad has produced excellent language work in literacy this past week.

In P6 Vi has demonstrated enthusiasm when tackling problems in maths. He showed excellent perseverance and also supported others well. Also from Primary 6, Liam has included excellent creative ideas when writing his poem all about Nessie.

Well done to everyone who visited us this week for Tea with SLT, we are proud of all your learning achievements and the way you show kindness and care for others around you. Well done!

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