Tea with SLT 5th March

Today Mr Burgess were delighted to meet with boys and girls from P1-7 for tea with SLT.

Eva from P1 shared her learning with sounds which she used to write sentences by herself. Olek in P2 has taken the initiative to develop his numeracy at home and showed good manners in school all week!

Archie from P3B has written a fabulous informative piece about the Egyptians in class this week, Emily from P3A also created fantastic descriptive writing in class.

Jaden from P4A produced excellent work in writing, Melody was using paragraphs in her writing all about Stitch. Daniel also from P4 is always ready to learn in class by contributing effectively, listening intently and applying what has been learnt.

Maisie from P5B wrote a wonderfully creative rhyming poem with alliteration as did Lois who thought carefully about rhyme, rhythm and verse. Amjad from P7 has demonstrated a great attitude and mindset to the transition programme and Ryan wrote an interesting creative story with interesting characters and a super plot twist!

Lots of fantastic writing stars this week, well done everyone who came along today!

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