Edinburgh Council Update

Dear All

Please can you take time to read the attached letter below from Andy Gray, Chief Education Officer.

I have also received confirmation tonight that all Active Schools Clubs are cancelled until further notice, Lauren will be in touch regarding refunds etc.  We are awaiting a skiing update and will confirm tomorrow morning if this can go ahead.

Cross Country on Monday for P6&7 and the Swim Gala for P7 on 1st April have also been cancelled.

In amongst such negative news it is heartening to share the message below from Jo & Sharon from the Parent Council who are always looking at creative ways to bring the school community together.  You can find full details on the PC Facebook Page:

As we don’t know what is going to happen over the next few weeks you can use the parent council fb group to ask for help or get support for one another.

We are going to arrange to make up some food parcels over the next few days that can be picked up from school.

Our aim would be to have :
– baked beans/spaghetti
– tinned soup
– pasta or rice
– sauce
– tinned veggies
– cereal or cereal bar

So this an ask if you can make a donation can you pop in a box in the playground any day this week.

The aim will be to have the parcels available on Friday for anyone who needs them. You can just pick up from the school office.

So we have an idea of numbers needed can I ask you to email in to the office. If you cannot get into school due to self isolation please contact the office and we will do our best to get something delivered to you.

Jo and Sharon
On behalf of the Parent Council

A number of parents have requested home learning tasks, we are in the process of planning how best to manage this.  Pupils in P4-7 have all received a login and password for Microsoft 365 and their teachers are creating home learning tasks and links to educational websites.  You will appreciate this way of working is very new for us.  Be reassured if your child has been off and has not received their login details we can supply these – please let the school office know.

P1-3 teachers will mainly use the school website and will communicate best ways of getting work home for these learners.

It is important that we help families who will struggle to access materials digitally, if you can, let us know and we will find alternative ways to support.

These procedures will begin if and when the school closes and will be in line with City of Edinburgh Council guidance. 

In the meantime, if you have ‘well’ children at home I would encourage you to allow them to read and to keep a diary/journal.  I have also attached a word doc with links to a variety of websites across curricular areas.

I will continue to send updates as we receive them, the staff and I are focused on trying to make school life and routines ‘as normal’ as we can for our pupils.

Kind Regards

Jackie Kelly



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