Primary 1 Learning 30th March

Good morning everybody, we hope you have all had a safe and enjoyable week at home!

In literacy, the sounds for this week are ou and ow. You could use the word lists in your packs to practise spellings and here are some sentences you can try writing…

Val ran out to the town.

Vick fed our baby cow with some hay.

Here is a short story you could read together. You could draw a picture for each sentence if you like!

Beth had a seed.

She put it into the soil.

One day she saw a shoot.

Remember to keep reading your favourite stories together too! There are also lots of Julia Donaldson stories on BBC iPlayer to support this – you could read the stories and then watch the film!

For numeracy, please carry on working through your workbooks at your own pace.

Below is the new Home Learning Grid…


Have a wonderful week Primary 1 and we’ll speak to you soon,

love from Mrs Mackay, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Williams x

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