Calling all artists P4-P7

Hello p4-p7

I hope you are all well and managing to keep  your fabulously creative minds active!?

I’d like to suggest a few ideas to keep you inspired

do what you can ,when you can!

WATCH – BBC iplayer Artninja  for lots of creative art and making ideas

KQED for the art elements and artists skills on youtube

DRAW- an object (your cereal bowl, a flower)

  • using your other hand,
  • eyes closed,
  • not looking at drawing,
  • using 1 continuous line

OR draw the same thing everyday (your hand, eye, shoe) and see if you get better!

PLAY– a dice game with parts to draw when you roll a number

MAKE– an animation using origami creatures and different scenes in a cardboard box using a free animation app

All the best , enjoy!

Miss McWilliam

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