Art Activities 1/6-7/6

This week’s artwork is…

Karla Black

Contact Isn’t Lost

Art is so much more than just looking at paintings. Art can be made out of anything! And, with some art, you don’t just see it – you use your other senses too!

Karla Black is a Scottish artist who creates abstract sculptures that take over huge gallery spaces and stimulate all of our senses. She uses things like baby powder, soap, toothpaste, chalk, make-up, cotton wool and mud as the materials in her art-making, as well as traditional art materials like plaster, pigment and paint. As you walk into a room that has her artwork in it, you can often smell it before you see it!

For some artists the process of making is just as important (or more important!) than the final artwork created. This week we’re playing with this idea by finding, making and engaging our senses with lots of different materials.

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I look forward to seeing your work!

Miss McWilliam

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