Back to school tip #9

Thursday 13th August Post with Image Back to School Tip #9

We are sure the past few weeks have been a very busy and perhaps stressful time for families. We hope the Back to School tips are giving you some ideas to support wellbeing. We’d love to hear the things that help to boost your wellbeing.

Back to School Tip #9: Respect Yourself – Be proud of your child and yourself

Your child: Help your child make a list of the things they have learnt and enjoyed over the last few months. E.g. learned to hula hoop, baking, mountain biking. Share and celebrate these with family and friends.

You: Think about and share all the ways you and the family have adjusted to the challenges over the last few months and acknowledge together, the strengths you’ve shown. There may have been ups and downs but remind yourself of the things you managed to do. Such as using video calls, cooking family meals, supporting your child with their learning or exploring your neighbourhood.

Together: You may wish to put together a scrap book or time capsule to help remember this extraordinary time. It could include photographs of the things you did at home, news articles, letters, interviews from different family members, etc.

For more information about going Back to School and supporting your own and your child’s wellbeing visit

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