Important information regarding Primary 2 drop off and pick up

Good evening P2 parents and carers,

We have reviewed our drop off and pick up locations over the past two days and would like to advise you of a change to the Primary 2 arrangements. 

Tomorrow, Friday 14th August, at 8.50am please continue to drop off your children at the main entrance gate as you have done for the past two days. 

Friday pick up collection 11.35am will take place at the school gate next to nursery. This will be the new drop off and pick up location for Primary 2 pupils. The times will remain the same Monday-Thursday 8.50 – 2.50,  Friday 8.50-11.35.

I appreciate this is a change in routine from the first two days, however, as all our children return tomorrow we feel it would be most practical to implement changes as soon as possible. 

Kind regards,
Mark Burgess


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