Pupil Pick up and drop off reminder

Dear parents/carers,

Staggered starts are in place to help pupils arrive in school safely and ensure no groupings of adults at the gates. To support this one adult only should accompany children to the school gates and we would kindly ask that you arrive as close to your child’s drop off and pick up times as possible to help ease congestion.

Please maintain social distancing by using the painted lines at the main entrance gate and nursery entrance gates. Staff will continue to support bringing in children to school each morning and dismissing each afternoon.

We would ask you to use the St John’s Family Form to contact the school rather than speak to a member of staff at the gate, this is another health and safety precaution we must follow.

In the event of a child being late to school (after 8.50am) parents should inform the office that their child is here, children should go to the gate next to the main entrance where a member of staff will escort them into school.

Thank you.

ClassStartBlock 1BreakBlock 2Big Break/ Fri FinishBlock 3Finish
P1 Mon-Thurs8.508.50-10.1510.15-10.3010.30-12.0012.00 -12.4512.452.50
P2 Mon-Thurs8.508.50-10.3510.35-10.5010.50-12.0012.00 -12.4512.452.50
P1 Fri8.508.50-10.1510.15-10.3010.30-11.3511.35  
P2 Fri8.508.50-10.3510.35-10.5010.50-11.3511.35  
P3/4 Mon-Thurs8.308.30-10.1510.15-10.3010.30-12.0012.00-12.4512.453.00
P3/4 Fri8.308.30-10.1510.15-10.3010.30-11.4511.45  
P5/6/7 Mon-Thurs8.408.40-10.3510.35-10.5010.50-12.4512.50-1.351.353.10

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