Primary 4 learning so far!

We have really enjoyed learning in primary 4 so far! In literacy, we have written poems and have also learned about persuasive language. After watching Inside Out, we wrote a poem about an emotion, such as, happy, fear, embarrassed. In our poems, we used our senses to describe what we thought this emotion would look, taste, smell, feel and sound like. They are fantastic! 

We also wrote some interesting simile poems about ourselves called This Is Me. We used similes to describe our personality, what we look like and our hobbies and interests. e.g.  I have bright, green eyes like green, sparkling emeralds in a dark cave, I am creative like a 5-year-old with all the art supplies you can think of. 

We discussed what it means to persuade someone. During the discussion, someone in the class mentioned sea pollution so in pairs, we decided to create persuasive posters to encourage people to look after our planet and to show how plastic affects our ocean. We made sure to include eye-catching, colourful pictures and lots of different, interesting facts in them. 

We have been doing an exciting thing called Accelerated Reader where we earn points by reading books and doing quizzes on them. 

To begin, we took a Star Reading quiz to determine our level and point target. There are different certificates you can achieve when you reach your point target like Ready Reader and Independent Reader. We then made monster book marks because we wanted them for our silent reading books and also made one to take home!  

In maths, we have been playing a game called SPLAT. Splat it is a maths game where you have to count the number of dots that you can see. Then, there are one or more splats which cover some of the dots. We have to work out how many are under the splats and the possible combinations to equal the total. We have been using Top Marks to complete different number challenges. We also enjoyed sorting information using a Venn diagram. They are two circles which overlap so you can sort information into different categories. We made our own choosing two categories, such as, yellow and round! 

It is Black History month, so we have been learning about black people who have made an impact in society. We learned about Martin Luther King Jr and listened to a bit of his famous speech ‘I Have A Dream’. We then used Book Creator on the iPads to write our own speech about what we want to happen for everyone to have a better future.  

We have been learning about Judaism and that they worship in the Synagogue which is like a school. We learned that they have a Torah scroll instead of a Bible and we loved making our own!  

Microsoft Teams is something we have been learning to use at home and in school – we love it because we can use it to find games and messages from the teacher! 

We are really enjoying school and are having fun!  

Happy holidays! 

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