Final P5 First Communions take place

On Friday evening the last of the staggered P5 First Holy Communion celebrations took place in St John’s church. This was the fifth such mass over the past month and as with each of the previous celebrations, the children participated beautifully throughout.

Our thanks go to everyone who helped these masses to go ahead, the liturgy group of St John’s, Arlene the sacramental co-ordinator and the whole team, Fr Jock, teachers who attended mass on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and all the families who supported their children throughout the months leading up to this important day.

Congratulations to our children, we are very proud of them as they reach this important milestone in their spiritual lives.

Saturday 24th October Kate, Oliwia, John, Isabella, Payton and Sara

Friday 30th October Sam, Roksana, Nicola and Filip

Friday 13th November Rian, Evan, Rebecca, Macy and Vhari

Saturday 21st November Matteo, Daniel, Evie, Genna and Hollie

Friday 27th November Pennie, Joseph, Alex, Amelia and Cezary.

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