Digital technology update 29th January

Apple id account

Our Apple account remains locked at the moment, can I ask you not to delete apps from the iPads, there is no way for us to reinstall these at the moment. Also, if you get requests to go to settings to confirm two step verification please press ‘not now’.


We have a few parents who have requested iPads to support their children’s learning at home. We are unable to prepare any machines at this time due to the locked apple account, when the issue is rectified we will locate working iPads in the school and prepare them for home use.


The access issue for users citywide which was reported yesterday is now fixed. Please report any further issues using the Contact form. Thank you for your patience.

iPad issues

If you have iPad issues that require help please complete the Contact Form which is on the school website. Your request will be sent to the most appropriate person to deal with it.

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