P6B Learning Blog 26th March 2021


In writing we did detailed instructions

Before break we went outside and drew obstacle courses with our partners

Then we had to right detailed instructions of how to do it

It was very challenging to try to get your partner to do what you wanted but we got there in the end.

Then after break we wrote instructions on how to make our favourite sandwiches  

You needed to add every little thing or it would horribly wrong.

Here are some examples:

Crisp sandwich

Syrup sandwich

Cheese sandwich

Nutella sandwich

Like the obstacle course it was also quite hard and we had to add lots of things to think about like how thick to cut the bread. Overall, it was very fun


For art on Monday we done some 3D bee pictures with MrSampson we used a tutorial on who to draw a bee as well as some spring pictures on our ipads. We also used different coloured pencils to make the bee and tried to do a little bit of  shading. 


This week we learnt about Palm Sunday. We then made paper crosses and painted them green so they looked like palms. It took a lot of concentration and to make them and follow the steps.

We also started to get ready for our station of the cross, P6b got Station 12: Jesus dies on the cross. We are just about to go work on it now!


This week in P.E with Mr Divine we practiced our throwing and catching and our hand eye coordination. We played a game called matball. In matball you pick 2 people from your team to stand on the mats when the game starts what you have to do is throw the ball to your teammates on the mat, if they catch it you join them on the mat the aim of the game is to get everyone on your team on the mat. We also played capture the flag and other fun games. It was great fun! 


This week in health and wellbeing we learnt about reactions. We learnt that you can’t control what something or somebody does but you can control how you react to it. We got split into groups of 3 or 4 and picked one scenario from the board. We then acted the scenario out and found a positive way to react to it. For example, one of the scenarios was you came into school wearing your uniform on non uniform day! We had to find a way that was positive to react to that. For example, a positive way to react would be taking your tie off, making a few changes and laughing it off. 


In maths we learned about percentages. We turned fractions into percentages and a bit of decimals. Sometimes we even turned percentages into fractions or decimals. When turning fractions into percentages we got given a grid that had 100 squares, some were coloured in and we had to turn the amount that were coloured in into percentages. We also had a mental maths morning on Friday, there was stations and at each station the was a mental math problem and you had to figure it out with your partner. There were more than one answer for some of the stations. There was stations were you had to use the numbers to get the answer using multiplication, division, addition and subtraction to make the answer. There was also one stations were there was just a question that you had to solve.


This week in science we were learning about circuits.  We use an app that was very fun and taught us about the different ways to make a circuit. We learnt that you can turn up the voltage of batteries and that you can measure that voltage with a voltmeter. We also learnt that if you put too many batteries or no wires in a circuit then it will probably short circuit meaning it will go on fire.  Also we learnt that the more voltage you put in a circuit the more noise a buzzer will make and the more light a light bulb will give. 

We finished off our week with some fun outside!

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