P6A Blog – week beginning 29.03.21

P6A have had another busy week, and are definitely ready for the holidays now!

We have been doing a lot of Easter activities, like filming Jesus being nailed to the cross for the Stations of the Cross. We did a good job, and it got put together with other class’ stations for the whole school to watch. We also did a reading comprehension about the Easter story, and researched how Easter is celebrated in other countries. We used our research to make invitations to an Easter event, and it was really interesting learning about other country’s traditions. For example, in Poland they have water fights on Easter Monday, and in some parts of France they make giant omelettes!

In writing, we were writing directions for a route we know well. We went on Google maps to explore, and then write instructions using details like landmarks and street names. For example, lots of people wrote the instructions on how to get from their house to school.

For numeracy, we finished off our work on fractions, decimals and percentages. On Thursday, we were going to do an assessment but Ms Mitchell gave us a fake quiz to begin with which was way too hard, for April Fools Day. We can’t believe she pranked us! We did the real assessment on our iPads and everyone did well.

To finish up, we did an orienteering treasure hunt in the Treverlen Park. IT WAS FUN!

By Ahmad and Harrison

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