P6A Learning Log – week beginning 24.06.21

Last week was a busy one for P6A!

In numeracy, we are learning how to balance equations, which is us starting our work on algebra. We learned that whatever is on each side of the equal sign needs to be the same. In maths, we have been learning about line graphs. This week, we did a textbook page where we read different graphs and then drew our own.

This week was a Titanic-tastic week! We made our own menus for the characters we made last week to go on the Titanic; it was very fun to do! We used our iPads to research what they would have eaten on the Titanic, but it depended on what class you were. Third class might not have the best food (compared to first class), second class, not the best but so much better than third (second class was equivalent to first class on any other ship at the time). Then first class had the best food; everyone thought it was magical! We also wrote letters as if we were our characters, writing them to friends or family about our time on board the Titanic.

In Italian, we have been learning the vocabulary for different members of our family, and then we played on Linguascope which is a fun app that teaches you languages.

Last week, we used a 3D model to learn about all the organs of the body, and in groups we were assigned an organ to research and make a Book Creator about. This week we presented our research to the class so we could all learn from each other.

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