P6A Learning Log

Through the weeks we have been doing lots of work on the Titanic, and last Thursday we did a redraft on our Titanic letters and wrote them on paper. After we did that we ripped little parts of the paper and dabbed wet tea bags to the paper to make it seem like it was old. This was really fun! 

Still on the Titanic topic, we did an experiment on the rivets of the ship. We got some clay and two types of pasta, linguine and spaghetti. Each table had the exact amount of clay and pasta but just the pastas were different! So what we did with the pasta was chop it up into small pieces and mixed it with the clay, we then left them to dry. After they hardened, we got a bucket and tied it with string. We got one of each of the clay rolls one by one we held the roll underneath the string and added weights to the bucket. The spaghetti held 210g and the linguine held 170g. This represented the rivets by the clay as the iron, and the pasta as the things mixed in.  

In numeracy,we started to learn about algebra. Everyone was worried it was going to be hard but it wasn’t that bad! It was stuff like: x + 3 =5, so we know x=2. So really we had been doing lots of this kind of work in textbooks but it would just be what the missing number. 

Here is this week’s vlog:

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