Primary One’s Week

This week P.1 have been focusing on the Seashore for their class topic. The children have been investigating different types of shells and different sea creatures that can be found around our seashore and sea. They have been making seashore creatures and drawing around shells to create a P.1 seashore display.

In Literacy the children have been revising their block 2 phonics and have been using them to make words and read and write block 2 words. In numeracy P.1 have been ordering numbers 11-20 and looking at 1 more and 2 more and 1 less and 2 less with numbers 11-20. They have been learning to count in two’s with even numbers and will continue to practise that next week.

Due to the good weather, over the past couple of weeks, the children have been really enjoying the front playground with the equipment at break times and you will be able to see from the slide show below just how active they have been and how well they have been using the equipment.

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