P6A Learning Log

Euros🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿: We did a bit of research on football role models, like Andy Robertson and Kenny Dalglish, then had a discussion about what makes a good role model, and why footballers are considered to be inspirational. We also continued doing our research on our sweepstake countries, where we have to create a Book Creator about the country then then the football team. On Monday we got to watch the Scotland- Czech Republic game with hotdogs, although the result wasn’t the best!

STEM📙: We were making following instructions to build our own wind turbines. It was very fiddly and not all of them worked but we learned a lot from it😬 

Playground games🏫: Ahead of becoming responsible P7s, we did our buddy training with specialists who came to visit the playground. It was really fun we also learned lots of new games like jump the river and elephant football. We can’t wait to teach the new P1s some fun games! We then wrote letters to our new buddies to introduce ourselves, and told them how excited we are to meet them after the summer. We had to include our photos because Covid rules mean they can’t come and see us.

Titanic quiz🛳: On Friday, we did a big quiz to show how much we have learned throughout our focus on the Titanic. Earlier in the week we all created a question and Ms Mitchell turned them into a Kahoot. It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it 

Here is our blog, including some predictions for tonight’s big game!

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