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P7 Art Activities-w/b 18th May



Instructions: This week we will make fibonacci rectangles,use plain white squared paper (make sure you have a large enough sheet) or tape then together. follow STEPS below. please keep these for next weeks art lesson!

How to Make Fibonacci Rectangles
Golden ratio symbol stock vector. Illustration of drawing - 93763114
you can then draw your spiral- LIKE THIS!


Art Activities 19/5/20-24/5/20

This week’s artwork is…

Richard Long

River Avon Mud Fingerprints Spiral

This week’s activities revolve around the natural world. They’re inspired by the artist Richard Long, who often uses nature as the subject AND as the material when he makes art. His fascinating creations take on many different forms, including photographs, maps, pieces of writing, sculptures, walks, and mud-patterns such as the one pictured here.

The activities below include mud painting,  spiral finding, map drawing, and bangle making. They bring with them the health benefits that come from both engaging with nature and being creative! #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Use this link below to access the art lessons- enjoy!

Art Activities

Yinka Shonibare

Sun, Sea and Sand

This week, inspired by this artwork by Yinka Shonibare, we’re looking at how objects can tell stories, have conversations, and even create portraits!

Yinka Shonibare is a ‘conceptual’ artist. He begins with a concept or an idea, then he looks for objects and images that help to communicate, and to get others thinking about, that idea. He uses lots of different materials like wax fabrics, photography and sculpture to explore the things that he’s most interested in; ideas around cultural identity and race.

In some of the activities below, we want you to see what objects you can find around the house with which to communicate your own ideas or stories…

Please post any images or chat about your work if you can , on your class pages when possible. most importantly, enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you!

Art Activities

The National Galleries of Scotland have provided some excellent creative ideas for kids at home. If you have not visited their site yet then its worth a little look as each week there will be a new selection of artistic and creative ideas to try. I will post a link each week on st johns site

Please post any images of your work if you can , on your class pages when possible. most importantly, enjoy!

Iain Stewart

One Day Strike for the National Health Service, Cambridge Street, Edinburgh

This week, inspired by this photograph, we’re celebrating heroes!

During these challenging times, every Thursday evening people come together to clap and make noise for important people such as nurses, doctors, carers and front-line workers, who are some of the many heroes of our society. Have you been joining in?!

This image is from photographer Iain Stewart’s project, ‘Picture of Health’, for which he followed his parents (both doctors) and took photos to record them at work.

This week’s activities include different ways for you to celebrate the heroes in YOUR life, whoever they may be.

Please use the link below to choose an activity