Art Activities

This week’s artwork is…

Ray Harryhausen

Medusa model from Clash of the Titans

This is the last week of Home is where the art is before the summer holidays. It is inspired by the late, great Ray Harryhausen, the grandfather of stop-motion animation.

Among the activities below, we’re asking you to create characters, watch and make movies, and then end the school term with a ‘creature club’ kitchen disco!

click here for activities– enjoy!

Art Activities 16th June

This week’s artwork is…

Louise Bourgeois

10 am is When You Come to Me

This series of paintings represents Louise Bourgeois’ friendship with Jerry Gorovoy. The hands are painted on top of printed musical score paper in red.

It’s called 10am is When Your Come to Me and refers to the time that he would arrive at her studio to begin their daily routine together. He worked with Louise Bourgeois for thirty years; their day together would begin at 10am.

This week, we’re thinking about friendship, care, and representing our daily routines!

Art Activities 8th-14th June

Salvador Dalí, Lobster Telephone

This week’s artwork is…

Salvador Dalí & Edward James

Lobster Telephone

Dalí’s Lobster Telephone is one of the most famous sculptures in the world. DalÍ was known as a Surrealist artist. Surrealism is an art movement from 1920s France.

It was made up of artists who used their imaginations to create dream-like (or sometimes nightmare-ish!) artworks. Lobster Telephone is a great example of how the Surrealists would transform everyday things into weird and wonderful (often very funny!) objects.

This week’s activities will have you putting unusual things together, playing surreal games and even hosting your own Dali inspired dinner party…!

Enjoy! and please remember to post any work on your teams if you can