P4a’s trip to Dynamic Earth

We went to Dynamic Earth to take part in a workshop on Weather. This linked into our learning about the Water Cycle for our Water topic this term.

We learned that the sun makes our weather and that the water cycle is an important part of the weather.  We made mini tornadoes inside a bottle of water and we created static electricity with balloons and looked at how this causes lightning.

Then we had a tour around the different places in Dynamic Earth.  Some of us liked the volcano and the way the ground was shaking, but some of us found it a bit scary.

We all liked the iceberg and had great fun touching it and seeing how ice and glaciers have made some of the Scottish landscape.

We watched a 3D film about different parts of the Earth like the desert and the rainforest.  Everything seemed so close and some of us were trying to touch the animals.

We finished our tour in the rainforest and found out about some of the rainforest animals. By this point we were very hungry and we were glad it was time for lunch.

We finished our trip in the showdome and watched what happened at the big bang.

By P.4a


Young Engineers

P.4 had 2 visits this month from the young Engineers.

In visit one P.4a talked about going on holiday and how to use a budget. Each group then built a moving conveyor belt for putting their suitcases on at the airport.

For visit two the children learned about exchanging money and about exchange rates for their holiday.  In their groups they built a moving ferris wheel that would be in the theme park on their holiday.

Everything was built with lego and connected to a battery and a motor. The groups had built moving cogs and wheels connected with elastic bands. It was great fun to see everything moving and working.

By P.4a

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Scottish Poems

P.4a wrote some Scottish poems on the theme of ‘Ma Hame’ for Burn’s week. Here are a couple of the poems written by Ala and Lewis.

Ma Hame by Lewis

Ma Hame smells like baked bread.

Ma Hame looks like a warm fire.

Ma Hame is a happy place.

Ma Hame tastes like hot toast.

I love ma hame.



Ma Hame by Ala

Ma Hame smells like strawberries.

Ma Hame tastes like buttered toast.

Ma Hame gives love to people.

Ma Hame is where you hear heart beats.

Ma Hame is where you’re happy.

Ma Hame is where we show love.

      There’s nae place like hame.

Christmas Tree Technology by Emilia P.4a

We worked in groups to make a Christmas tree out of recycled materials. In my group was Isla, Sophia and me, Emilia.

The materials my group used were tissue paper, cardboard boxes, paper and plastic bottles.

I helped my group by making tissue paper flowers and getting ideas and fixing problems.

We decorated the tree with tissue paper flowers, cardboard chocolates and a yellow star with a blue spot in the middle.

My group worked nicely together but next time we could make it better by listening more to each other.

I enjoyed making the tree because I always had a job.

By Emilia P.4a

Topic Report by Sandy P.4a

P.4 did a topic about Houses and Homes. First we learned about different types of homes like a flat or terraced. My house is a terraced house.

Then we found out about castles. I learned that the first type of castles are motte and bailey castles and they were built by the Normans.

Next we learned about crofts and crannogs. I learned that a croft is not a house but a piece of land and the people who lived on the croft were called crofters.

We went on a trip to Edinburgh Castle and I liked seeing the prisons of war and Mons Meg the biggest canon in Scotland.

What I enjoyed about this topic was probably the trip to Edinburgh Castle.

Written by Sandy P.4a