Christmas Activities

This week P.1 have been having fun with a variety of Christmas activities. There were lots of sparkly and festive jumpers worn on Christmas jumper day. Many of the children enjoyed their Christmas lunch in the classroom whilst they listened to Christmas music. For Christmas art gallery day P.1 made a piece of art work that used different art techniques. First they created a background with chalk pastels and blended the colours together. Then they added snow flakes with cotton buds and white paint. They chose an animal to draw and cut it out and glued it to the background. Then they designed a woolly hat for the animals to wear and put it all together. They all worked hard and produced lovely art work. Finally for gingerbread day P.1 decorated a ginger bread person and they are now hanging on our Christmas tree. Great Work P.1!

Night and Day

Primary 1 have been learning about Night and Day for their science work this week. They have been working with our PGDE students Mr Cuddy and Mrs Wright on how we get night and day, what we see in the day time and night time and which animals are nocturnal and will only be seen at night.

Also this week Primary 1 have been making stained glass window stars to tie in with their night and day topic but also to decorate the classroom windows for Christmas so that everyone can walk past and enjoy their art work.

Book Week

This week P.1 were taking part in book week. They kicked off with a story reading from the book bags and then each child received their own book bag which they took home at the end of the week.

The children worked on a series of lessons over the week based on the book ‘Brenda is a Sheep’. The children wrote and drew about the surprise in the story, they talked about their work to the class and shared their pictures. They did a character study of Brenda and discussed the emotions that Brenda had in the story.

P.1 also did activities to celebrate the Festival of Diwali. They enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita. They created their own rangoli patterns with coloured shapes and made mandala patterns with lentils and seeds.

Children in Need

P.1 have worked on Children in Need activities this week. They have also been using Joe Wick’s 5 minute energisers for Children in Need. P.1 have been getting active and being curious for some of this week’s themes. They used the outdoor trim trail as something new to explore and a new way of being active. They explored their feelings by closing their eyes and seeing how they felt. P.1 then shared their feelings and made colour patterns that matched their emotions.

“I enjoyed the trim trail. I enjoyed being on the spinning wheel and it was super fun” said Evie.

“I liked doing the colours when we did a feelings pattern” said Jack.