Picnic in the Park for P.1

This week P.1 did so well telling the new P.1’s all about life in P.1 and the things they have been doing and learning at the transition assembly. They spoke out confidently with the microphone and sang songs for the new P.1 children and their parents.

P.1 also enjoyed bringing in their teddies or soft toys for a picnic in the park. They had a snack with their teddy and enjoyed dancing to music and playing a game of ’who stole my teddy’.

P.1 Sport’s Day

P.1 were amazing sports for Sport’s Day. They took part in the sack race, the egg and spoon race, the obstacle race and the floor is lava activity. They finished with the race for the girls and the race for the boys. They all did so well.

Crossing the Road in P.1

This week in P.1 we have been talking about who helps us cross the road for our People Who Help Us topic. The children talked about the lollipop women and lollipop men who help them cross the road safely. P.1 talked about other safe places they can use to cross the road. P.1 made their own lollipop sticks with crayons and card. They went outside and took turns to use their lollipop sticks and practised crossing the road safely.

People Who Help Us in P.1

P.1 have been working hard on their new topic. They thought about who helps them at school and listened to Mr Mackie as he told them all about his job at St John’s. They asked lots of questions about how he looked after the school building. P.1 did some interesting paintings of staff at St John’s who help them. See who you can recognise.

This week P.1 talked about who helps them in the wider community. They learned about what a firefighter does and some of the equipment they use. Some of the children painted a large box to make their own fire engine. The children had a visit from the dentist and had their teeth looked at. This helped them to learn about dentists and how they help us. They worked well writing a sentence and drawing a picture in their jotter. Have a look at all their learning.

Settling back in P.1

P.1 have settled back in after the Easter holidays. In literacy they have worked on their handwriting to improve letter formation. They have sounded out and written words into their jotters showing good use of the phonic sounds. They have revised and written some of the tricky words and used them in a sentence. In numeracy they have been looking at number sequences up to 20 and were finding the number before and after.

P.1 have started their new topic People Who Help Us. They talked about who helps them at home and drew a picture and wrote a sentence.

In the gym hall P.1 were working on their gymnastic skills. They were moving and balancing along the benches in different ways and used the mats for a variety of jumps and rolls. During outdoor P.E. they were working cooperatively in different games. Have a look at how they got on and how well they worked.