Numeracy in P.1

This week P.1 worked hard on their numeracy work. They were learning addition facts for 4, 5 and 6. They found different ways to make their addition facts using small objects and a resource called Numicon. They were able to find different numbers that added to make 4, 5 or 6. They used whiteboards to write out all the addition facts they discovered. They also used the smartboard to have extra adding practise and used the dice to roll and make different amounts. Good work P.1!

A Winter Wonderland in P.1

P.1 have settled back in to the new term. Our new topic is Winter and the Polar Lands. The children are learning where the polar lands are on the map and have made their own 2D globes to show the north and south poles. P.1 have started learning about the animals and the landscape of the Polar Lands and will continue learning more over the next few weeks. They have been using their engineering and building skills this week to make a 3D igloo with marshmallows and sticks. P.1 have also been putting penguins into a snowy, icy environment and playing with the Polar animals in the small world Polar landscape. They have been putting the Polar sea animals into the icy ocean and creating their own snow and ice pictures Lots of snowy winter learning going on!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Primary 1 have been having a very merry Christmas week. They had Christmas lunch on Tuesday. The children enjoyed their Christmas food and they danced to the Christmas music.

Wednesday was the Christmas treasure hunt. The children used a checklist and worked with a partner to find all the Christmas pictures on their list. They went home with a well earned piece of Christmas treasure (chocolate coin).

On Thursday was the Christmas party day. P.1 came to school looking amazing in their party clothes. The children danced, played games and had party food. They finished with a special visit from the man himself-Santa! The children were so excited to see Santa and sang Jingle Bells at the tops of their voices.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Primary 1 have been busy filming for the Christmas Nativity play this week. They have all done so well learning their lines and singing the Christmas songs for the play.

Here is a behind the scenes sneak preview.

Literacy and Numeracy in P.1

Primary One have been working well on all their different literacy and numeracy activities this week.

In literacy this week P.1 have been revising all their sounds and practising the tricky words. They have been blending and sounding out to read and make CVC words.

In Numeracy P.1 have been practising their numbers to 20. They have been forming the numbers and counting forwards and backwards and thinking about what comes before and after each number. They have enjoyed using the iPads to reinforce their learning.