Catholic Education Week in P.1

This week P.1 have had an RE focus as part of Catholic Education Week.  The themes have been about journeying together with others who love God, about ways to join in at Mass, about ways to share God’s Word with others and to thank God for our Community of Faith.                    

P.1 have talked about where we can go to learn about God and talk to God. They came up with ideas about how they can join in at Mass. Singing hymns, praying, listening to the priest and taking part in the sign of peace. They had fun in class shaking hands and saying ‘peace be with you’ to their classmates. They made posters showing how they can join in at Mass and they enjoyed making special invites with envelopes and stick people inviting everyone to Church. 

Book Week in P.1

This week P.1 have been celebrating book week. They enjoyed a trip to the library where they received their Bookbug bags from the Scottish Book Trust. The librarian spoke to them about the library and read them a Winnie the Witch story. P.1 particularly enjoyed having time to look at the books in the library and see what was on offer. In class they listened each day to one of the stories from the Bookbug bag. For the story of ‘Scaredy Bat’ by Jonathan Meres, the children listened to the story and talked about what happened. They thought of words that rhymed with bat and wrote them on bat pictures. They listened to the story of ‘Stuck Inside’ by Sally Anne Garland and drew the ‘Storm Protecting Machine’ from the story or designed one of their own.  It was lovely to see the P.7 buddies join P.1 and read a story to their buddy as part of book week.

Also, this week P.1 watched a Road Safety Magic Show in the school hall. Before the show the children watched a Road Safety story called ‘Bella Crosses the Road’. The children talked about where it is safe to cross the road and how to cross safely. They really enjoyed the magic show with all the road safety magic tricks which reinforced the Road Safety messages.

Learning in P.1

This week in literacy P.1 have been learning the sounds of ‘b’, ‘f’ and ‘e’. They have been using the sounds to make cvc words such as ‘bed’, ‘fun’, ‘fit’, ‘bun’, ‘bat’, ‘den’, ‘fog’.  They have also been introduced to 2 tricky or red words ‘I’and ‘the’. They have been learning to write all the new sounds and have been practising writing the new tricky words too!

In numeracy the children have been using number lines and have also been counting forwards and backwards. They have been practising their number formation and making different amounts in different ways. For maths, P.1 have been learning positional vocabulary such as ‘in front, behind, above, below, left, right, forwards and backwards’.

This month we have a new topic all about ‘night and day’. P.1 had lots of ideas about what they would like to learn. They wanted to know how we get day and night. Why is the sun hot?  Why does the moon change shape? And many more. They looked at different activities and decided whether they were night or day activities. As part of this topic, P.1 have been learning about nocturnal animals and listened to the story of the ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell.

Bonjour from P.1

This week in literacy P.1 were learning the sounds of ‘c’, ‘k’ and ‘u’. They made cvc words such as ‘cat’, ‘mug’, ‘kit’, ‘cup’ and ‘mud’ with the magnetic boards. They practised writing the sounds on laminated writing sheets.

In numeracy the children were thinking about what comes ‘before’ and ‘after’ different numbers and were practising counting forwards and backwards from different starting places.

This week P.1 had a visit from one of our parents in P.1a, Mrs Carnegie. She talked to the children about France and showed them pictures. The children learned different greetings ‘Bonjour’, ‘salut’ and how to say goodbye, please and thank you. They looked at some of the items that can be bought in a boulangerie and learned to say ‘baguette’ and ‘croissant’. In class every morning the children say ‘Bonjour’ and can say how they are feeling. They have been learning their numbers in French and can now count up to seven. The children really enjoyed their visit from Mrs Carnegie and they love learning new French vocabulary.

Au revoir from P.1.

P.1 Learning

This week in literacy P.1 had a revision week with all the sounds they have learned so far. They practised writing and making cvc words with the magnetic boards.

In numeracy P.1 used their workbook to count and write amounts. They used the numicon to find different ways to make amounts such as a four and one will make five and so will a three and a two. They practised forming the numbers particularly 2 and 5.

As part of black history month P.1 have had a focus on a book called ’Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne. The children enjoyed the story and could see and touch some of the fruit from the story. They used some excellent vocabulary to described how it felt, ’spiky’, ’rough’, ’smooth’, ’hard’, ’bumpy’, ’jaggy’. Some of the children took the opportunity to draw some of the fruit. They were also able to recall the story using a backdrop and figures and animal puppets from the story.