Fairtrade in P.1

P.1 have been learning about Fairtrade this week for Fairtrade fortnight. They watched a video showing the life of a Fairtrade banana farmer. They learned that because of Fairtrade he could look after his family and send his children to school. P.1 drew the Fairtrade logo and wrote ‘buy Fairtrade’. They drew some of the products that we can see in the shops with the Fairtrade logo.

Pancake Tuesday in P.1

P.1 had a lot of fun on pancake day this week. They learned about why we have Pancake Tuesday. Then they had some pancakes in the house area and were tossing the pancakes in the frying pans. Lots of good coordination was used to catch the pancakes! They drew a pancake shape and designed and drew the toppings they would like to have on top and they had a piece of a pancake to taste. Most of the children thought it tasted delicious.

P.1 Settling Back

P.1 have settled back to school after their February break. They have been focusing on reading and writing tricky words and reading and writing CVC words in their literacy time. They have been making up the alphabet in the correct order with the alphabet jigsaw and have been making words with the magnetic boards and letters. In numeracy they have been learning the strategy of counting on from a given number to add two amounts together. They have been using the smartboard to practise their addition and have been working with the Numicon to make different amounts. They have been working well with some of the construction to make different 3D shapes.

P.1 Celebrate Chinese New Year

This week P.1 have been learning about Chinese New Year 2022 and how it is celebrated. They have been finding out about some of the customs, songs and stories that are part of Chinese culture and Chinese New Year. Primary 1 have discovered that red and gold are lucky colours and have made Chinese lanterns with red card and gold decorations. They have decorated red envelopes and made coins to go inside as gifts for Chinese New Year. Everyone has used chopsticks to pick up noodles and have ladled rice into bowls. They have been listening to the zodiac story and learning which animals are part of the story and that this year is the Year of the Tiger. They have been singing songs for Chinese New Year and trying on some traditional clothes. P.1 wish everyone a Happy New Year. Gung hay fat choy.

Burns Day in P.1

Primary 1 discovered who Robert Burns was and why we were celebrating his birthday. They took part in lots of Scottish activities as part of the celebration. On Tuesday they did paper weaving and painting to make their own tartan. They learned some Scottish songs- ‘Three Craws’, ‘Ally Bally’ and ‘You cannae shove yer granny off the bus’ and they did some skipping and twirling with a partner to Scottish music. They also made a highland cow using collage techniques. They enjoyed tasting some shortbread and oatcakes. A braw day was had by all.