Chinese New Year

We had a lot of fun last week in the nursery celebrating Chinese New Year and learning some of the customs. We had a table covered in rice which we spooned into bowls and everyone had a try picking things up with the chopsticks. We listened to the story of the Chinese Zodiac and learned that our pre-school children were born in the Year of the Sheep and our 3 year olds were born in the Year of the Monkey!                                               Some children enjoyed dressing up in some of the Chinese traditional outfits and we looked at some of these on the Smart board along with Chinese decorations.  We learned a song about the Dragon Dance and tried all the actions and dance moves. There was some fan making as we looked at some of the traditional Chinese fans. But best of all was eating the noodles and prawn crackers for snack.

Christmas in the Nursery

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” in the nursery. We have been making Christmas decorations and hanging them on the Christmas tree. Some of the children have been working in our Santa’s workshop and helping Santa by making Christmas presents. We have been writing letters to Santa and posting them in the post box. We have been making Christmas trees and Christmas stockings and there have been sparkles everywhere! We have been estimating lengths of paper and decorating our own Christmas wrapping paper and wrapping up presents that can be found under our Christmas tree.

We have been listening to lots of stories and have been dressing up and making up our own stories too. We have been practising our Christmas songs and will be singing them for the parents next week. We are looking forward to our Christmas parties on Thursday 19th and we hope a special visitor might be able to come and join us.

We wish everyone a happy Christmas, from all of us in the nursery.

Autumn Walk

In the nursery we have been talking about the season of Autumn and what we can see around us that tells us it’s Autumn time. We have been collecting conkers, berries, seeds and leaves and studying them with the magnifying glasses in the nursery.

So today we all went for a walk around Figgate Park to see what Autumn treasures we could find and to look at the Autumn colours. In the morning the whole nursery went out, including the Two’s room. The afternoon group went out later this afternoon as well and found lots of things that show us it really is Autumn!

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This September we have been talking and learning about the weather. We learned that the weather can be measured. We put a rain gauge made out of a plastic bottle in the nursery garden and in one day we collected 3cm of rain!  We have been recording the weather on a weather chart made by Kornelia. Some of the children made kites to fly on the windy days we have been having. Miss McGregor made a cloud in the nursery with shaving foam and dripped coloured water through the cloud to show what happens when the rain is heavy with water droplets. Lots of the children had a go at making their own clouds and dripping the rain on to the shaving foam cloud and observing what happens. We have had a lot of fun learning about the weather.